Latest Online News Updates

Latest Online News Updates

September 2014

By Harija Ravitharan


Last month, Fashion Weekly introduced three new technologies. Here are some of the latest online products that have been launched in the past few weeks which will be perfect for your back to school list.

Kobo Aura eReader

Kobo Waterproof EReader

The Kobo Aura H2O is a new series of the ebook reader and what makes it different from the rest is that this time it is waterproof. According to researchers, the Kobo Auro ereader can survive in water for exactly thirty minute in a distance of one meter inside the water. The Kobo Auro is powered by a 1GHz processor and it has 4 Gigabit internal memory storage and can boost up to 32 Gigabit.  Right now the Kobo Aura H2O will only be available in United Kingdom on October 2014 and soon by the summer of 2015 everyone in North America will have their own Kobo Auro eReader.

Mini Retina Cases for iPads

Knimo IPad Cover

Everyone who has iPads understands the struggle of carrying all the add ons for the iPad. Well, the Knomo Knomad is the perfect thing for you. You can store everything such as your phone, charger, notebook, credit card, pens and etc. There are tons of pockets and it is constructed by heavy duty material. So, if you heading back to school this month or even just own an iPad the Knomo Knomad is the best product for you.

Salter MiBody

Salter MiBody

Summer is coming to an end and soon everyone will be heading back to the gym to loss all the pounds gained throughout their vacation. Salter MiBody is a Bluetooth-equipped scale which uses stainless steel pads and technology to calculate the body mass, personal fat, water level as well as muscle weight. The Salter MiBody can be connected to your smartphone with a daily measure and gives you daily tips on simple ways to lose those extra pounds.