Leaders of Fashion

Leaders of Fashion

March 2013

Sarah A.

With so many hands in the fashion world, it is sometimes difficult to know everyone who leaves their footprint in the walkway of the industry. The list of influential contributors in fashion is a long one, but we’ve narrowed it down to who we think is the top 5 strongest and most innovative icons in the world of makeup, hair styling, design and all things fashion worthy.


Eric Daman


Eric Daman started his career in the early 1990s as a model in Paris, and made his way up the chain by becoming a fashion stylist and one of the worlds best costume designers. Emmy award winning costume designer for Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, this NYC stylist dedicates his focus to his DKNY fashion line, writing, and his collection for Swarovski. Daman’s contribution to the fashion world is displayed through some of televisions most stylish personae’s; icons that inspire our vision of true fashion.


Kate Lanphear


After contributing 8 years to Vogue Australia, Kate Lanphear moved back to the USA for a position at Harper’s Bazaar, working her way to the top, she landed amongst the stars of fashion as the senior fashion editor and style director of ELLE USA. She is an avid blogger who is an icon for the edgy side of fashion; punk, studs, chains, and black skinny jeans is what she rocks best. Lanphear’s style is one that many look up to- a reflection of what she loves while still offering her genuine taste of all fashion types.


Lady Gaga


With over 23 million albums and 64 million singles sold world wide, Stephanie Germanotta, popularly known as by Lady Gaga, has been listed as one of the top influencial people by Time magazine. Wearing designs by Toritaki Tatehana and Donatella Versace, her unique fashion sense, makeup and design is what captures the hearts of daring fashionistas all across the globe. We can’t help but admire what Gaga stands for, and this is exemplified through her fashion sense; fierce, free, and true to who she is.


Peter Gray


A prime in the world of hairstyling, Peter Gray is most noted for his role in the fashion industry by his technical expertise with hair. A contributor to editorial shoots with both American and British Vogue magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and V Magazine, his talent has earned him titles throughout big names like Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Lavine, Hugo Boss, Lancome and more. His array of celebrity clients is just proof of how his exceptional cutting skills and artistry in hair design is valued in the fashion industry.

Grace Coddington


One time model turned stylist, for more than forty years Grace Coddington has contributed her art and dedication to her role as the creative director of Vogue Magazine. Her collaboration with some of the best makeup artists, hair stylists and biggest names in design has awarded her with the label as the “Michelangelo of the fashion industry”, along side the editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour.