Living Room Accents

Living Room Accents

MARCH 2014


With spring nearly upon us, it’s a great time to change up living room décor. So, we will be focusing on living room accents. These accents can really bring out the best and add a nice touch to a living room. If you have a plain living room, the least permanent thing you can do is have amazing accent pieces. With that said, it’s never wise to spend a fortune on them because a lot of people like to change up the look and feel of their living rooms every so often.


You don’t need too many accent pieces, just ones that are bold and will stand out, but is still comfortable. After all, this is your living space where you spend a lot of your downtime, so while it should look appealing, it should also be livable. Here are a few of our picks!


Fur Pillow



 neiman marcus splurge fur pillow $282.86

Neiman Marcus, $282.86



 steal fur pillow urban barn $89

Urban Barn, $89


Tiled Accent Mirror



 splurge mirror horchow $525

Horchow, $525



 steal mirror west elm $204

West Elm, $204


Pierced Ceramic Stool/Table



 splurge stool $342 neiman marcus

Neiman Marcus, $342



 steal stool west elm $117

West Elm, $117