London, England & Batty Langley

London, England & Batty Langley

Looking to visit London England? Well, you have definitely chosen a destination that will leave you with an ever lasting impression. London, England is know for its historical victorian buildings, museums, canals and beautiful scenic trails where you can be sure you to enjoy many beautiful gardens and scenic views. 
During your travels you cannot miss the city of Birmingham, which is known for the famous double decker buses. You can enjoy a ride around the city with spectacular views that are filled with historical character all while sitting on the top deck. Though we must warn you, consider bringing a light coat, depending on the time of year it can get quite chilly up there! If you enjoy history and arts, Birmingham has some of the most incredible museums, which hold centuries of European history and culture and is home to a stellar art collections of international importance, so you will travel back in time for a nostalgic experience like no other.  Experience a celebration of local and industrial history in the ever-changing exhibitions. The city is full of open and inviting shops, attractions. With great spots to enjoy food and beverages are around every corner. There are plenty of beautiful lakes, amazing parks with great views of lush greenery that contrasts the historical buildings of the city.  Gas Street Basin is a neighborhood with miles of canals, a beautiful place for a leisurely walk or boat ride down the canal. 

Birmingham is the only English city outside of London to have 5 Michelin starred restaurants which are; Simpson’s in Edgaston, Turners in Harborne, Carters of Moseley and, Purnell’s. Birmingham also has a great night life along Broad Street, where you can find many great Victorian pubs and bars.
If you are a chocolate lover then you can not miss out in enjoying some of the worlds most delicious chocolates, the home of Cadbury World, it will definitely sweeten your stay with free samples, display of chocolate making machines, and chocolate themed rides. 

When deciding where to stay, Batty Langley’s is number one on our list. The Batty Langley’s philosophy is simple, they create the kind of accommodation everyone including themselves would love to find in the heart of one of the world`s great cities. With quiet, characterful bedrooms that are furnished so beautifully with genuine antiques, making every room different. Even the bathrooms have such interesting decor, that guests often ask if they can take pieces home.  Your surroundings here are very civilized, with old fashioned hospitality, friendly, efficient staff, and a location second to none. They also have meeting rooms, one even has a secret garden attached, are available for discreet gatherings, that give a nice private experience, that can also be made available for photo shoots and filming. At Batty Langley’s it’s all about the small details, like naming their rooms, because they don’t believe in numbering their guests.


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