Look back at WMCFW SS Shows

Look back at WMCFW SS Shows


Stephan Caras is one of Canada’s most seasoned designers and has returned to Toronto to show us his new collection appropriately named “Luminous”.


The collection featured tailored jackets, taffeta and organza structured bustiers, and jersey dresses with plunging backs- all in gold. Caras works his magic and shows us that print on print can be elegant and luxurious. A favourite of the crowd was his use of beautiful sheer ornate fabrics to create a back drape at the waist. It was visually dramatic and definitely a sight to see- full of drama and glamour.



The Bustle’s spring/summer collection for 2015 definitely brings up hope for the upcoming New Year. Bustle has brought back some tropical blue tone colors and even some unique patterns for the spring/summer 2015.

Bustle 2015

Bustle’s fashion runway show started off with a backdrop of a Mediterranean inspired screen with some café-style tables, blue umbrellas’ and etc. Bustle’s collection easily captured the audiences’ attention since the models donned a casual look sunglasses, headphone and the most amazing part was that some of the models were carrying cameras. Overall, the Bustle’s collection for 2015 featured series colorful, light-weight pieces for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

 – Harija Ravi

*Photography by George Pimentel Photography, Sr. Photographer Wireimage.


Minnie Mouse’s dressing style was inspired by “flapper” girl from the 1920 with short skirts and bob haircuts.  This year, World MasterCard Fashion Week has teamed up with Disney to present six finalists of the Mercedes-Benz Start Up 2014 to showcase their final garments as part of a new project addition to this year’s Start Up program.

Minnie Mouse 2015

The task was to create a new type of garment inspired by Minnie Mouse. The designers who took part in this friendly competition were Valerie Tolila of Vaiken, Eliza Faulkner, Chloe and Parris Gordon of Beaufille, Diego Fuchs and Helder Aguiar of BLAK. I, Laura Siegel, and Sid Neigum. Each six of the designs had their own unique touches, but the Alberta-born, New York-trained designer, stole the show and took the title home with his modular origami style dress.

-Harija Ravi

Designer creations from left:

Sid Neigum, Eliza Faulkner, Beaufille, Laura Siegel, Blak.I, Vaiken.

*Photography by George Pimentel Photography


Toronto based designer Nikki Wirthensohn’s  Narces’ spring/summer collection for 2015 has been inspired by “extravagantly decorated birdcages of the Victorian age; a time when the birdcages had become their most magnificent and detailed. Birdcages as décor had been a trendy item through the 17th and 18th centuries. It wasn’t until the opulence of the Victorian era that the trend reached its peak” (Narces WMCFW, 2014)

Narces 2015

 This year, Narces collection included many unique combinations, such as structured, embellished and meshes detailed dresses which featured floral textures, decorative lace and etc. On the whole, the collection consists of soft airy pastels and off-white shades filled the collection with grace and elegance. Each of the runway pieces was just remarkable elegant and beautiful.

 – Harija Ravi

*Photography by George Pimentel Photography.


A Night to Remember: HD HOMME

Fashion Weekly Magazine was lucky enough to receive invitations to MasterCard’s Fashion Week in Toronto to preview Canadian designers Spring/Summer collection. The second show of the night was HD Homme, created by Hussein Dhalla and featured a variety of men’s evening wear with a Hollywood edge to it. The show opened with one of the models lounging on a white beach chair reading a magazine while each guest found their seat. As soon as the lights lowered, the ambiance of a summer day by the pool was accomplished with a video projection of water glistening in the sun.

Apart from the setting, the outfits featured a variety of classic menswear with a modern twist. There were outfits that featured mesh netting as the key feature whether it was on the sleeves or used to create a full tank top. Following the casual side of menswear, the tailored suits and tuxedos were next. The fabric used looked to be silk, and there was a variety of colours from blue, red, even green. The tuxedos were created with zero to three buttons, some with a side belt of the same material.


As the show came to an end, Dhalla led the men down the runway for their last strut, and even posed for the press and media V.I.P’s before heading back to the exit. All in all it was a memorable show and we at Fashion Weekly Magazine couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity.


Melissa Nepton

Elegant yet stylish and sensual everyday easy and comfortable wear. Montreal designer Melissa Nepton’s fashion show at the WMCFW show casted a variety of eye catching summery apparels that could be worn as office attire, resort wear or as evening wears. The show as a whole fit in very well together as a line. A lot of cut out details, light pleatedareas and furry texture seen in the outfits.


Designs of the clothing contained stripes, geometric details shapes and repeat of line patterns. A lot of cotton, silk, satin and see through transparent textiles such as chiffon used for the fabrics. The colour palette of the fashion line consisted of lots of neutrals, whites, beiges, blues, light pinks and black. The overall colour of the wears had a very light and refreshing feel to them.  The garments consisted of a lot of cuts and openings on the sides, front and back of the tops. Low V-necks, horizontal covered and transparent patterns, along with fully covered round necks and open backs. Loose fitting not tight or uncomfortable, however has decent sensual shape to the wear. Outfits adorned with light metallic jewelry and silver metallic wedge shoes or neutral white or black simple strapped sandals. Models wore no heavy makeup and hair down with loose waved middle partings.



Variety garments that could be worn throughout the seasons that are comfortable yet stylish and casual wear. Target’s fashion show at the WMCFW show casted a variety of different seasons apparel that could be worn as office attire, vacation wear, casual wear, evening wear, warm heavy wear for throughout the seasons. The apparel of target aimed to be and is very everyday wear seen during everyday life. Various pattern designs seen such as plains, plaid, floral, animal, polka dots, stripes, army and loads of others. A lot of cottons, silks, chiffon, satin, wool, fur, leather, jeans used for the fabrics.


The colour palette of the fashion line consisted of mostly all colors and lots of neutrals. The overall colors were casual and well fitted together with each outfit. The garments consisted of some skin showing mostly only arms or legs in some. Overall most garments were heavy worn and consisted of layers and well fitted. Full collection had a comfortable feel and consisted of the average everyday look. Outfits adorned with light jewelry, accessories and various feet wear depending on outfits. Models wore no heavy makeup and were a variety of different shapes and sizes and wore different hairstyles and had an everyday person look. The show overall was very entertaining, had musical instruments played live and contained a very lively, cheerful atmosphere.

– Sonam

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by Rachel Luisetto

The Huntress collection hit the runway on day five of the World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto. Two perfect words to describe it would be bold and fierce. The luxury jewellery brand made statements with their large necklaces covered in beautiful gems and various skins from all over the world. Each piece was unique in its own way, completely differing in size, shape and colour. Earthy tones such as forest green, deep blue and chestnut brown were used as well as black, muted purple and orange. Huntress certainly took shapes to a whole new level. The line was inspired by strong, independent women and these models embodied every bit of that while showcasing the jewellery. They strut down the runway with wild hair and a fierce, powerful look in their eyes.  Actress Gina Torres ended the show wearing a striking necklace from the collection but the audience seemed to be more focused on what was attached to her hands rather than around her neck. She happily shocked the audience when she came out with two gigantic dogs on either side of her. Not only did she show the dogs who was in charge but she showed everyone exactly what a strong, independent women looked like while being draped in some fabulous accessories.


Photographs from http://worldmastercardfashionweek.com/

Photographer: George Pimentel / Getty Images