Man-Friendly Zones in the Home

Man-Friendly Zones in the Home

June 2014

If you’re lucky enough to still own your bachelor pad, this article may feel like old news as you’ve probably already decked out your man cave with the latest in male-approved gadgets and décor. However, if you’re looking to get back some personalized space in a sea of wife-approved furniture or even in the roommate clutter, we’ve got you covered.


Think about where you spend the majority of your time in the home. Typically these spaces include: living room, office and garage. These spots are perfect canvas for creating a personalized space.


The garage is a fairly easy space to transform – organize the space with your favourite sports’ team memorabilia, cabinets for tools and maybe even a flashing neon light. Chances are the other residents of your home spend less time in there, so it is an easy bargaining chip when your wife decides to redecorate a bathroom…again.


The living room is a common area, with lots of traffic by everyone in the family. Compromise in this room with comfortable leather sofas, a large flat screen and perhaps a beer fridge in the corner. These additions are ones that everyone can get onboard with!


If you happen to have an office in your home, this space should be designed as a productive zone. Keep the TVs and stereos out and set up the space with as little clutter as possible and appropriate lighting. For those times you just need a break, keep a corner clear for your man’s best friend.


The key to creating ‘man-spaces’ in the home is balance – it will be a lost battle if you attempt to completely convert your home into a man cave. Keep it simple, and make sure to butter up your wife to get the go-ahead!