Mary Kay Skin Vigorate

Mary Kay Skin Vigorate

July 2014

MaryKayChristmasGiftSet_thumbLet’s face it- this summer you want to look fresh, clean and rejuvenated. Well the only way you can actually look that good is to have skin that good. Our pores are clogged up with dry skin, dead skin, oil deposits and all sorts of regular climate induced guk!

That is where the Dermatologist tested Mary Kay Skinvigorate come in! The perfect go to tool for leaving your sensitive skin feeling light, soft and overall deep cleaned.

FW gives it a two thumbs up! Try it once a week, its cheaper than the advertised leading brands out there – its more compact, replacement heads are cheap and it will do a superior job than manual cleaning.

Contact  Saron Navratil at or 416.452.6106 to learn more about Mark Kay, their deals and this awesome product!