Me to We Artisan’s 2015 Holiday Preview

Me to We Artisan’s 2015 Holiday Preview

By Harija

Fashion with a mission!! In a few months the stress of Holiday shopping will create a panic in people’s life, but instead of spending hours shopping; give your love one the chance of making a difference with the help of Me to We.

On Tuesday July 21, 2015 – the Me to We Artisans event for their launch of the 2015 Holiday Collection Preview was awesome. The event took place at Verity located in the heart of downtown Toronto on Queens.

For those who don’t about Me to We Artisans:

Hand-crafted by more than 1000 Mamas in Kenya, Me to We Artisans gives two gifts in one: with the purchase of each product, a life-changing gift – from school supplies to clean water to medicine – is given to a child or family in a Free The Children community.


Me to We is part of Free The Children

Free The Children founders Craig and Marc Kielburger launched Me to We, a ground-breaking social enterprise, because they believe that people need better choices for a better world.

Me to We offers socially conscious and environmentally-friendly clothes and accessories, as well as life-changing international volunteer trips, leadership training programs and materials, a speakers bureau, and books which address issues of positive social change.

The collection features varies of trends and themes for the Holidays season from Santa Claus to Ugly Christmas Sweaters. In this year’s Holiday Collection, Me to We Artisans is excited to showcase Atelier, a line of high-end jewellery and handbags supporting women’s empowerment. The best part of purchasing a product from Me to We is that with every purchase of a hand-made Me to We would help make a change. For instance with the purchase of Atelier’s product, a girl in Kenya will receive the gift of education, that will help her with the tools to create a brighter future. Every piece is also handcrafted by a female artisan in Kenya, empowering her to earn a sustainable income and support her family.

Other than the Nine West brand, the upcoming collection features a series of unique gift sets that ranges from $30 to $50. Also, Me to We has launched a great new sets of RAFIKIS, that are simple, elegant and can be worn in form (such as bracelets, anklets to necklaces). Rafikis each has a unique means and would helps a child for their bright future. This year, they have launched classical bags, long and chunky trendy necklaces that tells the story of creators’ homeland.
Overall, this year Me To We has brought more meaning to Holidays, rather than spending money of gifts that will end up in the closets; this year buy your loved ones a gif that can bright a change.
Huge thanks to Me To We for hosting this amazing event and thanks for inviting Fashion Weekly Magazine for the preview of the upcoming 2015 Holiday Collection.