Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Measure Twice, Cut Once!

By Ashley

April 2013

Everyone wants to revamp his or her living space from time to time.  But who has the money?  How will you get exactly what you want?  DO IT YOURSELF!  You will gain tremendous satisfaction knowing what you can accomplish and  seeing the final product in all its glory will put a smile on your face. 


Step one: Do your homework! Make sure you research the project before you go in blind. With DIY shows, social media accounts and websites, you will find out you are capable of doing anything yourself.  You can be in control of every decision and will only have your ideas to worry about.

Step two: Expect the unexpected. Re-painting a small room can open doors to old flaws when it comes to discovering what lay beneath it. Peeling paint off isn’t fun; it can sometimes come off chunky and not a solid swoop.  You may also find that the dry wall hidden behind the paint wasn’t done properly during the first renovation.


Have a budget going into any project, but make sure you have wiggle room for some of the problems that can easily slip your mind.  

Step three: Ask for help!  Do the research but also don’t be afraid to ask professionals for tips and the proper way to do tasks.  There are so many accessible outlets that we are able to use to our advantage.  YouTube is full of people who record their mistakes for the world, helping people       who are new to projects.


Step four: Clean the whole way through the renovation.  Drywall dust will get everywhere.  Cleaning up along the way will make the final clean up quicker and easier.

Make sure you remember why you’re doing this yourself, to have fun and enjoy the work you are doing.  Have music on and invite friends over for a paint party.   


Remember the most memorable rule:  Measure twice, cut once!