Men love reading!

Men love reading!

June 2014

By Harija Ravitharan

A survey conduct by University of Toronto states than only thirty percent of men have picked up a book to read since school. Reading daily new paper from the subway stands or even watching the twenty-four news was not considered as actually reading. The survey states that men are just not interested in reading a novel.  So, this June- Fashion Weekly Magazine has created a list of four books that would make men want to read – whether through an app on their tablet or the hard copy from Indigo or, these books will intrigue them to maybe go for another book right after!

Book 1: The Road (By Cormac McCarthy)

The Road (By Cormac McCarthy)

This is a story about the relationship between a father and son as they try to survive through the global catastrophe. This book features all the negative impacts that can be caused by global warming and also, tells the story of how a young son turns into a man with his father’s teachings for daily survival.

Book 2: The Pearl (By John Steinbeck)

The Pearl (By John Steinbeck)

The story retells the Mexican folk tale of the discovery of a beautiful pearl and the misfortune created by it. Overall, it teaches the readers a lesson that not to be greedy but to rather be happy with you have.

Book 3: Beyond Good and Evil (By Friedrich Nietzsche)

Beyond Good and Evil (By Friedrich Nietzsche)

This particular book features the stories about rejection of tradition in the Western society and the ideal concept of good versus evil.

Book 4: The Dice Man (By Luke Rhinehart)

The Dice Man (By Luke Rhinehart)

It’s a story about the Manhattan psychiatrist, Luke Rhinehart, finds himself stuck in a middle-aged rut. He gets out of it by making all of his decisions based on what the dice tell him to do.