Men’s Maca Root Routine

Men’s Maca Root Routine

June 2013

Samantha Lawson

Calling all Men: if your idea of facial cleansing is lukewarm water and a generic bar of soap, we hate (but secretly love) to break it to you, but it’s time for a change! There are many easy options to keep your skin energized without stealing those precious minutes of sleep in the morning.


The Body Shop has an exclusive line strictly for men to solve all cleansing issues (that you won’t admit you actually care about). The For Men: Maca Root products are created with Peruvian maca root and creatine to energize and help boost your skin’s vitality. The Maca Root, first used over 2000 years ago by the Inca, is dense in essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.


Ready to get started? Grab the Maca Root Face Wash ($12) on your way into the shower or before a shave for a refreshing mild cleanse. The Maca Root products all contain matrix technology that release actives throughout the day to provide shine control, while the bamboo stem extract continues to mattify the skin.


To experience that close shave, start off with the combination of the Synthetic Shaving Brush ($12) and the Maca Root Shave Cream ($16), a rich, skin-softening cream that protects your skin from nicks, cuts and irritation. If you are looking to maintain a beard or moustache, try the Maca Root Wash-off Shave Oil ($10) that softens the hair and provides clear visibility for razor control. Desire that soothing cool after a shave? The lightweight Razor Relief balm ($14) will help minimize irritation.





An important step that typically gets skipped is moisturization. The Body Shop offers two daily moisturizers that combat signs of fatigue, while hydrating the skin: the Energetic Face Protector ($18) that also contains SPF 15 and the Oil Balance Protector ($18), which contains oil-control technology to reduce shine. For an added bonus on those early Monday mornings, use the Eye Rescue Serum ($20) for that instant boost to puffy, tired eyes.



If you’re not ready to fully commit, purchase the Men’s Essentials Kits ($30) to test some of the products out.



There aren’t many excuses left for neglecting your skin – this great skin care line provides products that are affordable and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. The Body Shop values ethical trade and is against animal testing, which is all the more reason to swap out that bar of soap and try something new!