Miami: The City to Visit

Miami: The City to Visit

Rachel Luisetto

Miami, Florida- known for its sandy beaches, world class hotels & restaurants, distinctive architecture and trendy nightlife is the place to be. One of the most popular cities to visit in the United States, it has something for everyone to enjoy.

Miami Zoo

Whether you want to treat the kids to a day filled with lions, tigers and bears- oh my! – at the Miami Zoo or go on a safari adventure at Jungle Island, home to some of the rarest and most endangered animals in the animal kingdom, the city offers something for everyone.

Bayside Marketplace

Left the kids with the husbands and are looking for a fun in the sun, shop till’ you drop experience with the girls? Take a trip to Bayside Marketplace where you’ll find the perfect blend of outdoor shopping, café’s and live street performances while strolling beside the Biscayne Bay lagoon. Of course, a trip to Miami would not be complete without a stop at South Beach.

South Beach is one of the most popular destinations inSouth Beach the entire city. Who can resist the hot white sand beneath your feet as you walk alongside the crystal blue water on this renowned free public beach? Miami Art DecoSouth Beach is also known for its eye-catching pastel coloured art-deco buildings and energetic nightlife. A visit to Miami, Florida will definitely be a memorable experience.



If you are like us and love a little culture- visit the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens– it is out of this world and definitely a place of its own that when entered you feel you have been transported to Europe! Its lush gardens, excotic feel and breathtaking architecture has all been surrounded by the beautiful clear blue water that makes the experience enchanting.

The Vizcaya Cafe and Shop which offers a gourmet menu and wonderful service is a treat on its own. If you do not have time to stroll all the gardens we would highly recommend grabbing a light lunch and enjoying the ambiance. IMG_6501


FW Staff with Vizcaya Cafe and Shop Manager!





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