Most Fashionable Men To Watch

Most Fashionable Men To Watch

June 2014

Samantha L.

It seems as though menswear and the celebs that relish in it (very well we might add!) are finally getting the attention they deserve. With the countless lists ranking the most stylish stars, the tendency for repeats is bound to happen. We, too, love Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake, but we’ve got our eyes on some new talent that we think you should too.

1. Michael B. Jordan


This breakout star not only deserves your attention on the red carpet, he is on his way to becoming one of Hollywood’s future leading men. You may remember him from the television series Friday Night Lights or fell in love with him in this year’s That Awkward Moment, but you can’t forget him in a suit. The man wears them well.

2. Aaron Paul


For anyone who rooted for the unusual underdog of Breaking Bad is well aware of his character’s baggy jeans and tee matched with a dirty beanie. Off-screen, Aaron Paul has truly made a name for himself, with midnight blue tuxes, military trench coats and casual rocker tees.

3. Garret Hedlund


Although anything matches with those baby blues, Garret has continued to master both the grunge casual and sharp red carpet looks. His style is effortless and we definitely can’t blame Kirsten Dunst for snapping him up a couple years ago.