Murale’s Pre Fall Showcase!

Murale’s Pre Fall Showcase!

July 2014

By Zoya S.

Welcoming an array of incredible products, Murale by Shoppers Drug Mart certainly filled up our Tuesday morning with a morning of glam! The event, to preview Murale’s upcoming 2014 launches welcomed beauty maestros from across the globe whom not only enlightened us on some the beauty faux-pas we have been making a little too often, but acquitted us with items we wish we had discovered sooner.


We began our tour of soon to stock products with an introduction of some of Fall 2014’s latest arrivals including a hundred percent natural skincare line, Tata Harper, that alongside a one-of-a-kind formula resulted in a products dedicated to safety, honesty and sustainability! Organic and eco-friendly, we are counting down till Autumn already! Another arrival we fell in love with is Cake Beauty’s ‘Satin Sugar Rush Brush’, an award winning dry shampoo that prolongs your weekend blow dry and prompts volume and texture. Designed to slip right into your compact clutch for your night out, or into roomy work tote, this 10 grams of goodness will be your best friend through those challenging days at the office. Another ‘pop into your purse’ product was Fusion’s CLEAN rollerball fragrance inclusive of two hydrating and fresh scents: ‘cool cotton’ and ‘warm cotton’, a definite recommendation for the summertime. Amongst many of our other favourites from the Fall 2014’s impending arrivals, we couldn’t help crushing on is Rodial’s GLAMTOX Neck Mask. Catered precisely for the chin downwards, GLAMTOX rejuvenates, hydrates and moisturizes one of the most habitually ignored area of the body bringing about tightened, youthful and toned skin. Bring on those plunging necklines, we are neck ready!


With our Fall wish lists tucked into our back pockets, we knew it was time to hear what the beauty experts had to say and our first stop was none other than the renowned brow specialist, Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Her stall continually remained congregated as she relayed eyebrow shaping and filling tricks and tactics as well as enlivened the crowd when she mentioned she was a guest at the Kardashian/West wedding. Words of advise from Anastasia herself: ‘when filling in your brows, always begin at the end. Avoid excessively applying shadow or pencil in the front of your brows as they tend to make you look angry and invest in a good pair of scissors and tweezers, it’s a lifelong investment.’


A huge thank you to Murale for hosting such a wondrous event and bringing out such incredible beauty connoisseurs to share their secrets and giving us a sneak peak of what’s to come this season!


Anastasia Soare and Zoya S. from the FW Style Team

Anastasia Soare and Zoya S. from the FW Style Team