Natural Car Scent

Natural Car Scent

April 2013

Trisha B


Aside from maintaining the cleanliness of your car, keeping a natural scent is just as important. Air fresheners often contain chemicals like phthalates, which is actually hazardous and known to cause cancer. But lucky for us, there are many alternatives to these toxic fresheners! Here are 10 natural (and cost-effective) ways to keep your car smelling fresh – most of which you can find materials for in your own home:


  1. DIY Air Freshener Spray 1
    Grab a spray bottle and fill half of it with filtered water. Mix with 8-10 drops of any essential oils.
  2. DIY Air Freshener Spray 2
    Baking soda + water + (optional) vanilla extract. Spraying baking soda will absorb bad odor, and in turn give off a nice scent when added with vanilla.
  3. DIY Air Freshener Tree
    All you need is wool felt – cut it into a tree (or any shape you desire), give it 8-10 drops of any essential oil mixtures, and hang it up on your rearview mirror. You can also decorate it however you’d like.
  4. Coffee Beans
    Not the best solution for those who dislike the smell of coffee, but coffee beans are known to absorb bad odors. So grab some beans, wrap it in a mesh bag or leave it in a bowl and place it anywhere in your car.
  5. Potpourri
    An assortment of naturally dried plants that give off gentle and natural scents. Can be DIY or bought in packs at stores.
  6. Oil Diffuser
    Air fresheners that don’t contain hazardous chemicals because oil is being used. You can plug it into your air vent and it immediately leaves your whole car smelling fresh.
  7. Scented Dryer Sheets
    Grab some dryer sheets, and place underneath car seats.
  8. Herb Sachets
    Similar method to the coffee beans – you can use rosemary or thyme. Wrap it in mesh bags and place anywhere in the car. Another option is using lavender.
  9. Activated Charcoal
    Place activated charcoal in a shallow pan or box, and place underneath car seat while car is idle. The charcoal will absorb any strong odor.
  10.  Vanilla Balls
    Soak cotton balls (or sponge) with vanilla extract and place anywhere in the car –  it’ll act as a deodorizer while leaving a nice vanilla scent.