New Year, New Look

New Year, New Look

jan 2013

Sarah Amormino

With a new year comes fresh goals and mindsets, additions to bucket lists, and brand new gym memberships. I’m a firm believer in starting fresh for the New Year, but in welcoming 2013, I’m trying something different.

Let’s talk about re-vamping your home. Not adding rooms or busting down walls, but creating a space that is peaceful and organized, and a home that will help you rejuvenate and serve as nothing but calm and collectiveness- because it’s all about working from the inside out- right?

Cindy Catton, 53, a veteran in the field of interior design says that a serene home should have classic simplicity with a flare of contemporary. Wall colours and furniture consisting of greys, whites and other neutral colours work well with splashes of colour that show up in bold artwork and accessories (throw pillows, blankets, candles, etc.). Using textures throughout your home is a great way to add delicate touches that blend in just enough to relax your senses. Area rugs are a great way to achieve textured looks, they act as grounding to any sitting area, making the room feel warm and comfortable. Other uses of textures can be found through use of surface materials, why not try natural materials like rock, marble, or wood to achieve that earthy vibe.

Although installing granite would be ideal, it would clash with the ‘New Year, New Budget’ idea. Catton says that styling your home on a budget is not only easy, but also fun! She suggests stores like Home Sense, and says that painting is a fantastic inexpensive way to change up any rooms look. Cleaning out the clutter in your home is another great example of how to revamp your home on a budget. Using the “less is more” theory will help you relieve stress and make your home look amazing. “Sometimes just the rearranging of furniture is all that needs to be done,” she says.

If you’re not one for decoration, hire a designer to start your plan. A consultation will give you a world of ideas that the average person may not have thought about.

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