No Meals On Planes?

No Meals On Planes?

airlinemealbhpOctober 2014

So turns out if you are traveling in and out of Canada depending on where you go you either pay for meals and only get light snacks. Gone are the days of “airplane food” – maybe the long flights that are crossing over major oceans- they may still offer us “complimentary” meals but for the most part – food is gone unless you are willing to pay three times as much for a drink or packet of chips!



If we are purchasing a ticket, paying all these taxes and additional charges, aren’t we still entitled to some bland food? Sure we all complained about the taste and variety we were offered but it was kind of the highlight on those long, dreaded flights. And how are we parents going to keep the insanity at a low level if we don’t help the kids consume so they can tire out and hopefully dose off? No food means either purchasing expensive food, stuffing them before hand or packing light snacks that we will always be worried might get chucked out on the next check post due to some odd reasoning.

Well for all the changes in the airline industry this is by far the most ridiculous one !