Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche

Sept 2013

Vivian Liu

The City of Toronto is in for yet another sleepless night, as Scotiabank’s 8th annual Nuit Blanche transforms the city into a contemporary art gallery.

This free night of artistic exploration begins at 7:00 p.m. and is held up until sunrise. For one night a year, a transformation consisting of more than 150 art projects is scattered across the buildings and streets of our beloved metropolis.

The idea of NB, which is now translated as “sleepless night” was originally conceived in Paris, France. The purpose of the event is to allow people to examine the impact of public places and an opportunity to celebrate contemporary art. Through the positive response from the events previous audiences, NB has become one of Toronto’s most accessible and engaging art event!


Set for October the 5th, this free night of festivities showcases both interactive and integrated pieces supported by local and renowned artists from all over the world. This year’s main focus will be on a world-renowned artist named Ai Weiwei from China. Ai Weiwei will be creating a new edition of his sculpture “forever bicycles” at Nathan Philips Square.


For all you artsy boys and girls, whether you plan on going alone or with friends, exhibits change every year so you’re bound to see something inspiring! And for all the non-artsy individuals, take a night off and enjoy what NB has to offer (plus its free!).

Because this event does run for 24 hours, here are some tips to get the best of the event as well as your night!

–          Pieces can be fairly distant so be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

–          Streets are packed by 9:00 p.m. (especially by Yonge and Dundas) for those who are claustrophobic!

–          City produced exhibitions are found by major downtown subway lines and buildings

–          Individual projects by local artists will be placed sporadically across the city

–          Plan or don’t plan! If you do, make sure you do your research to find your must-sees. If not, why not take an adventure and explore what our beautiful city has to offer!

–          The City Hall has been known to become a light show so definitely check that out!

–          The City is always looking for volunteers for the night! Here is the link:

–          The AGO will always put on a good show; so if you’re passing by and the line-up isn’t long, make sure to drop by!

–          Sadie’s Diner by Adelaide and Bathurst will be open all night in case you’re craving a post-NB munch!

We hope you take advantage of this interactive art exposé, as it is only exclusive to Paris, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and New York City. Full details of the event will be released in August on the Nuit Blanche website. But until then, keep a look out for more information as this will definitely be a captivating event that cannot be missed. Get ready for a nuit to remember!