Fashion Careers and what they really pay?

Fashion Careers and what they really pay?

October 2014

With an immense desire for stylish, high paying jobs in the fashion , luxury and lifestyle industry, we all strut our ways into degrees that promise us an end result of a crisp white office with minimal lines, modernity, style and glamour. However, once we have briefly encountered small internships and gotten a taste of where we would like to be, we are faced with the reality that it JUST AIN’T SO….


Fashion jobs are just as hard to get into as any other jobs if not harder. The industry runs a on a tight cap of the limit of jobs and job descriptions. They rotate “their own” from which we mean is that they internally hire through their work and friends network. That is why we here at FW are determined to provide our staff and interns with maximum exposure so if they were to leave us..they know where to go and how to get there!


Recently we came across a fantastic and uplifting article ( don’t worry we weren’t going to leave you feeling down about your passion) at Fashionista’s 5000 readers salary survey is quite a fun read!

MTI1Mjc0OTg4NDE5NzU0NjI3Photo courtesy of Fashionista and 20th Century Fox

Lauren Sherman of Fashionista researched and states the following fascinating numbers. Enjoy fellow enthusiasts- dream big but be real!


Assistant Buyer: $40,580
Visual Merchandiser: $51,340
Associate Buyer: $60,430
Store Manager: $59,910
Merchandiser: $67,640
Buyer: $84,950
Fashion Director: $119,850


Assistant Market Editor: $25,000
Editorial Assistant: $34,550
Assistant Editor: $39,140
Copy Editor: $40,600
Associate Editor: $43,780
Blogger: $45,430
Editor: $50,680
Writer: $58,620
Senior Market Editor: $67,000
Managing Editor: $76,920
Senior Editor: $90,700
Researcher: $107,570
Editor at Large: $132,700
Director-Level Editor: $145,170
Editor in Chief: $242,250


Assistant Graphic Designer: $44,800
Assistant Photo Editor: $46,500
Graphic Designer: $62,240
Senior Photo Editor: $63,750
Bookings Director: $121,140
Stylist: $121,920
Photo Director: $161,500


Associate Designer: $51,840
Technical Designer: $87,370
Senior Designer: $89,600
Designer: $127,260
Design Director: $177,560

Public Relations

Assistant Publicist: $45,410
Associate Publicist: $50,600
Publicist: $78,350
Senior Publicist: $75,830
Publicity Director: $95,560
VP Publicity: $159,290


Associate Marketing Manager: $53,460
Marketing Manager: $74,580
Senior Marketing Manager: $106,750
Marketing Director: $120,490
Chief Marketing Officer: $204,500

Social Media

Social Media Manager: $60,380
Senior Social Media Manager: $123,810