Organize, Organize, Organize!

Organize, Organize, Organize!

Aug 2013

Samantha Lawson


We all know that big blue store—you can see from miles away—IKEA is the Mecca for all home-related shopping. It’s no question that when you go in, you don’t come out empty-handed. The store itself is set up like a long circuit maze and it’s certainly for a reason—it’s to keep you moving from one entrance to the other. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as IKEA offers countless solutions for your home organization needs. Since the bedroom is normally hidden from everyone’s view but ourselves, it tends to become the messiest room in the house! There are easy options for organizing your belongings and we’ve compiled a list of these suggestions to solve all your storage needs!


For all your magazines, books, loose papers and even bills, these folders are one of the cheapest ways to organize them. At the price of $2.99 for a 5/pack, you should be able to buy enough for all your filing needs. A great way to distinguish each filing folder is to color code them. Use small labels on each folder or if you’re ambitious, paint each one a different color!



For extra clothing storage, this under-the-bed container ($14.99) is perfect for storing winter clothes during the summer and vice versa! If you have a double sized bed or bigger, buy two for that added storage.

 shoe racks

If you find yourself constantly looking for the other shoe out of the set, then look no further—IKEA offers numerous options for shoe storage. These little boxes store a pair of shoes each (two if for kids!) and streamline the bottom of your closet where the pile of shoes used to be! The boxes come in a set of 4 for only $12.99.


Sock drawer turning into a source of frustration every morning? Keep all your socks and underwear separated with a drawer compartment. These boxes zip open into rectangles of different sizes and pop easily into most dresser drawers. Only $11.99 for a set of 6, these sets come in black, lilac, turquoise and white to match any bedroom!

 Algot Storage

While small additions to your bedroom are fantastic for organization, sometimes it is just time to completely revamp your closet space. IKEA specializes in entire series of furniture and storage options to suit your every need. The Algot closet storage combination provides shelving, baskets and rods for hanging for only $218 (pieces sold separately). While you’ll have to do some of the assembly yourselves, the finished product will be well worth it!

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Whether you want to spend the afternoon (or entire day) in that big blue store or want to shop online, IKEA gives you the option to choose. We suggest hitting the store, as you just never know what you will find! Your home will thank you—and you can thank us later!