Ottawa Hull- Gatineau!

Ottawa Hull- Gatineau!

Aug 2013

As much as going away to exotic destinations sounds amazing not everyone has the budget to do so. However, that does not mean that you should skip out on fun this season. Summer time is the perfect time for family to spend quality hours together and what better than a road trip!



If you have not visited Ottawa and the Hull- Gatineau region- it really should be a must see on your list. Fashion Weekly has had the privilege to visit the great capital of Canada on many occasions. It is a given to check out the main attractions like Parliament Hill, the National Gallery of Canada and Rideau Canal as one of the longest rivers in the world. However, this time we wanted to take a different approach and really check out some of the more natural things to explore!



One of the most beautiful and fun parks are in the Ottawa- Hull region called the Gatineau Park It is the nation’s National Capital Region’s Conservation Park! This park has it all- you can hike, bike around, picnic, swim and much more! Not only is it naturally beautiful so you can really enjoy and take in the environment and the great areas to explore- but it is also made for every type of person to come to Gatineau Park and leave feeling rejuvenated!


Fashion Weekly highly recommends on your next visit to Ottawa to go to Hull which is just a short bridge over into Gatineau, Quebec. While there, a private cruise hosted by Au Feel de L’eau which means Go with the Flow- is really a perfect addition to any relaxing trip. This private cruise leaves from the Lac Leamy dock behind the casino.  It can be a 2-3 hour private cruise that can seat up to 10 people quite comfortably. The aim of the cruise is to sit back and relax. For any family travelling out there, it is a different perspective to see the region and a very tranquil experience. You can bring a picnic on board and enjoy this luxurious limousine on the water! Running from May to October, Fashion Weekly experienced the calm, relaxing private cruise that showcased all the major highlights of scenic attractions and the captain of the boat provided historical background to what sites we passed by. They also offer an Aqua –Taxi which is a water shuttle from Ottawa to Gatineau every 15 minutes for only $5.  Here is the best part- both the private cruise and the Aqua –Taxi are eco-friendly rides! We give the boat, the quality of service and the luxurious feel of the whole experience a two thumbs up! A fantastic, outdoor adventure to try out this summer. Go to to read more details, call 819.329.2413 or 819.682.0280 or email for reservations.