Pay your Dues

Pay your Dues

March 2014

Christopher Mello

Traffic Ticketing, Whether they are Fair or Unjustified.

Cheers to what we call a civilized society in Canada, based around the concept of rules we so voted on, calling them instated laws that were placed by the provincial jurisdiction, billing a person up to $10, 000 fine, suspension of license and even the right to seize a vehicle on road side, otherwise known as ticket trafficking laws.


In Canada we take our safety to the highest of ratings, even if that means a simple drive through, without coming to a complete stop at a stop sign hasn’t been completed. Meaning that act if caught is generally followed by a ticket, 3 points added to your license. Coping in a vastly growing city, with next to no parking in the core, its no wonder the courts have an unusually high parking ticket oppression. Rather than creating parking along with newly constructed buildings the city, seems to forget the majority of the civilians drive to work, rather then commuting by TTC, who has openly admitted they can not support the amount of traffic flow, hence the amount of delays, accidents, etc.


Could it be that parking ticket officers have a quota to make, or they deal with the “gavel” of their bosses? With simple tickets placed at an obscure price, its not wonder Canada is slowly becoming like America, where we refuse to pay for parking tickets, etc. Not to mention the idea of simply speeding on a highway by 16 – 29 km/h can land you 3 points on your license and court date and a big fat ticket to pay. Although I would say even if you’re a boss and are in a hurry, always stop when signaled by a police officer, since not pulling over when signaled lands you 7 points added to your license. Next thing you know once you’ve reached 15 your license is suspended for 30 days, or more.


Truly although our ticketing laws are a bit on the safer side, and tend to rip out every penny from our pockets, each law is placed for a certain reason, plus the idea is, you got a ticket for a reason, not simply because a police officer was frolicking around and saw your vehicle and decided to throw a ticket at you. More so along the lines of you, were out of line in a form, and was given that ticket to teach you a lesson, so truthfully, pay up and deal with the consequences, like a reasonable grown up would.