Photography Based on Illusion

Photography Based on Illusion

jan 2013

by erika

Elise Victoria Louise Windsor– Born in 1989 is a 23-year-old emerging visual artist, who graduated from Toronto’s OCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She primarily focuses on photography, printmaking and sculpture. By layering photography with sculpture, her work as quoted in her biography, “focuses on the use of illusions created by fantasy, mystery and the duplication of reality.” In one series, her images emphasize on the two-dimensionality of photography by experimenting with mirrors. She has received various awards such as the Visual Arts Grant 2012 from Toronto Arts Council, the Best Student in Exhibition Award 2011 from Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and many more. She has also participated in art exhibitions all across Canada, Russia and the U.S. For more information on her work as well as her awards, visit

Robert Davidovitz
– An Israeli born Toronto based artist, graduated with a B.A in visual arts from York University in 2007. He creates paintings without the use of brushes in a process called ‘woven painting’, which combines paint and weaving. This idea arose while he was working at a bakery and icing cakes with a pastry bag. From then on he began to experiment with extruded paint, which eventually led to the conventional practice of weaving with paint strands, creating unique art pieces.

It begins by extruding strands of acrylic paint, that once dry are woven like thread to form a pattern. Unlike any other artists, Davidovitz uses paint to physically construct his imagination rather than just using paint. Thus creating his masterpieces, paint- the image itself. In 2011, he received the Exhibition Assistance Grant from the Ontario Arts Council. Since graduating, he has been exhibiting his work both on a local and national level. His work is also displayed at the Textile Museum of Canada annually. In 2009, he participated at the ‘4th Annual Juried Textile Exhibition’ in the Gladstone Hotel, and the biennial ‘2009 Juried Exhibition’ at the Thames Art Gallery in Chatham, Ontario. You can visit him at

Alice Vander Vennen- Born in Ontario in 1957, was always interested in contrasting fabrics and how each compliments one another. Alice got her B.A in Art Education from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and later went on to study visual arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She works with several materials: fabrics, paper, wire, branches, copper and ceramic remains, to provide a visual story for her audience. In her statement, she claims, “the story is part women’s history, the meaning of objects in everyday life and the collection and sorting of intriguing things.” She works with fabrics gathered from many places and cultures and brings them together to create a new Canadian voice. Alice loves working with fabrics, as she believes that each fabric carries a lot of history, for example, stories of its origin, its geographical place and its culture. Each piece uses different fabrics and tells a different story, making her work distinctive. Her vast collection of sculptures can be found on her website at