Pinterest- what is it for?

Pinterest- what is it for?

Feb 2013


By Dinah

Easy and fun to use- Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media site. It is a virtual vision board that allows people to add photos that they like and share with other people.

Pinterest has become so versatile in use today that many people are using it to style their homes, hair, plan weddings and parties, or just to organize their favorite photos to share with others. Pins can be seen from around the world, allowing people to get instant trends and style changes from just one click. Explore your style, try out new recipes or just browse around- there is always something for everyone.

How does Pinterest make a profit?

It’s all about their customers! Originally, Pinterest wasn’t created to make lots of money, but in order for it to stay alive some profit must come in. Pinterest makes their money by affiliating links, taking outside investments, and other tactics. 

How is Pinterest different than Wanelo?

Many people look at Pinterest and Wanelo and say they look and seem very alike but what are the differences?

Pinterest is all about expressing yourself through the things you post, repin or like. It helps you get inspirations for new trends, styles and recipes.

Wanelo is a website that you can also add photos, but only photos from online stores so people are able to like a photo easily, access it and purchase.