Prada Toronto- Right to Play!

Prada Toronto- Right to Play!

By Christopher Mello


“Its Prada or nada”

Prada throws a lavish party in commemorating the Right To Play foundation.


The saying goes diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but who are we kidding it’s all about that Prada. Having a diamond ring is grand, yet with carrying that Prada bag comes grace, class, sophistication and of course style. Prada, recently held a high-end cocktail event at the Yorkville location (131 Bloor Street West), gathering the elite and socialites of Toronto, which consisted of Amoryn Engel, Victoria Jackman, Krystal Koo, Johann and Jennifer Koss, Victoria Webster, etc.


The social gathering was filled with laughter, h’orderves, drinks, live music and of course the stylish fashion breathers, painting great taste and style to the event, all huddled into a private closed off store for the night. Although the evening was filled with rejoicing, the cause of the event was for the Right To Play foundation. The Right To Play foundation, is a nonprofit organization that caters to the underprivileged children across the planet using sports and “play” to enhance the development of a child, helping them to overcome poverty, disease and conflict in the community. With the help of Prada a percentage of every purchase from November 21st to December 1st will be donated to the Right To Play foundation. So to all you fashion savvy beings out there that have been debating about that Prada material good, go get it! What better time to gift yourself then with the holidays vastly approaching, not to mention you can tell your guilty conscience a percentage of the purchase will be donated to a worthy cause.

photo 1photos courtesy of Flare Mgazine and FW staff