Printed restaurant menus bite the dust as dining goes digital

Printed restaurant menus bite the dust as dining goes digital

Printed restaurant menus bite the dust as dining goes digital.

BaroBite promises to disrupt the dining experience for both diners and restaurateurs . The new web-app replaces the printed menu in restaurants with a sleek digital interface, right on the diner’s phone or tablet. Patrons scan a QR code as soon as they sit down, and have immediate access to the restaurant’s entire menu at their fingertips.

With BaroBite, there’s no more greasy cardboard menus with incomplete descriptions and outdated prices. Diners browse the interactive menu and see exactly what they are ordering. Restaurant owners showcase their offerings with high-res pictures and detailed descriptions of every available dish and beverage. The menu is always right up to date, so there’s no more of the “sorry, we’re out of the special” apologies that disappoint diners and stress out waiters.

As a platform-independent web app, BaroBite offers a consistent interface that lets restaurants interact with their customers wherever they are, 24/7. Special offers, coupons, and promotions are always a click away. The restaurant’s uploaded menu is also SEO-optimized and available for anyone to see on BaroBite.

With its high caliber analytics, BaroBite serves restaurant owners very well, letting them easily collect sales data through purchase and search tracking. If the black cod with miso isn’t selling, the owner knows immediately, and can easily and instantly replace it on the menu. Reports from BaroBite also track customer demographics and favorites, and help create effective targeted marketing programs.

BaroBite is the only full-service option for effective and connective restaurant marketing. With the range of features and capabilities the service provides, package prices are competitively priced. To learn more, restaurant owners can visit and take the demo for a spin.

Written by Paul LeBel