Religion in Men

Religion in Men

May 2013

By Sarah A.

Religion. Whether you follow it or not, it exists within approximately 85 per cent of mankind. With Christianity, Islamic and Hinduism polling at the top three most practiced religions in the world, it is hard not too see the devotion of faith that encompasses our every day.


In a Live Science article published by Robert Roy Britt, he states that survey data supports the idea that women are more religious than men through holding firmer beliefs, practicing faith more consistently and working more often with their congregation. If one were on the sidelines looking into the field of religion, Britt’s suggestion seems plausible, however, history has contributed to the contrast of men, religion, and the belief that they are the supreme.


George H. Gallup Jr., founder of the Gallup polling organization says, “More so than men, women lean toward an empirical [depending on experience or observation] rather than a rational basis for faith.”


A little more then two billion people in the world practice Christianity today, and within this religion is the encouragement of a simple trust in God’s freedom of access and goodness. A man’s role within Christianity, as a husband and/or father, is to “provide for”, “protect”, and “lead”. The wives within a Christian family act in “serving” and “submitting” to their husbands, as it is believed that men are the closest things to God. In Christian traditions, prayer is through gesturing the cross, kneeling and bowing, and can happen at any time of the day.


In Islamic traditions, the men are leaders of their households and are expected to provide and protect their families. He is responsible for important decisions.This does not imply that he doesn’t consult the advice of his family members, however, according to the Islamic Law, he has the final say. He is responsible for attaining majority of the income and is expected to attend mosque five times a day, as well as congregation prayer on Friday’s.


In Hinduism, a man’s role is to give his parents selfless service until they die. Hindu men are to protect their wives and children through work and providing as a means of livelihood. Daily worshiping in Hinduism happens three times a day and usually takes place in three different places: in the home, in a temple, and at a street-side or roadside shrine.


When studying the role of religion in men’s lives the common question that comes up is are women more religious than men? What we find out is that men’s religious image is either authoritarian or extreme.

Praying Man Outline


Men play an important role in religious spectrum’s by dedicating their lives to ensuring that their family members can put trust in them. Through faith, men are encompassed by their beliefs both physically and mentally, in all aspects of life.  It is through his religion that many men find strength in their daily lives and often find guidance that helps them in work, family, and religious situations. While many may believe that to be a religious man is the same as being a weak man, the opposite is true – it takes a truly strong and willful man to follow and dedicate himself to a religion.