Revamping 101

Revamping 101

May 2014

By: Christopher Mello

7 tips to transform your home into a fresh awakening of spring.


While we’ve been hidden away all winter long, allowing the dust to move in under our beds and between the picture frames, it’s that dreadful time of the year known as spring-cleaning. Though time consuming, and requires major attention, it’s agreeable that the idea of having a clean layout and home brings a joyful smile along with ease to the soul. Now that we have officially entered into a better forecast of weather, it’s time we put out 7 easy tips to brighten the look of your home, transitioning it into a simple but eye catching space.


1- Using Branches

Domestic Peacock

            Bringing organic materials like cut branches and putting them into vases or even laying them on top of furniture, brings a sense of life into the room, mixing the outdoors and indoors together as one, sort of like a balance of Yin and Yang.


2- Stacking Logs


If your space has a fire place, especially one of the traditional wood burning ones with a dark background, brighten your home with a few logs stacked up in the inside of your fireplace. That big black hole will fade away and becoming a comforting area to your guests, saying to them, this home is warm and welcoming. Try using lighter woods like the light Burch wood or even the paper trees.


3- Adding Throw Blankets


            Having throw blankets over your bed, couches, chairs, etc makes for a warm inviting area, which is easy to snuggle into, to read a book or take a nap. Not to mention the colour and texture of the blanket adds for definition and style to the atmosphere.


4- White Towels


Adding a pile of crisp white stacked towels to your bathroom, making them visible brings relaxing sensation, since it reminds people of spas and resorts, not to mention the monochromatic colour scheme is soothing to the eyes- plus the towels are easy to clean since all you have to do it bleach them.


5- Layering your Coffee Table


Most of the coffee tables we use in our homes are darker finishes, so rather then that dull piece that sucks the life out the room, why not add some soul to it, by bringing in some of your grandmothers knitted work or even stacking a few novels on top of one another. Who knows those novels might even get read rather then just for show.


6- Bring out that Fine China


Since it’s a fresh start you might as well bring out those extravagant vases, bowls, etc and decorate the tops of your tables and entry halls with them, by adding a few things that mother nature has to offer like little Clementine’s, flowers, branches, I mean the china doesn’t have to live in the same location forever.


7- Wall Plating


Take the time to go through your plates and pull aside all the ones with cracks, chips, off colour, and even the ones that just don’t match anymore and hang them on your walls making for an accent wall. The wall with be a piece of art in the house, bringing culture and attention into your home along with a more inviting space and that excuse you were looking for to get a new set of china.