Romantic Destinations

Romantic Destinations

Feb 2014

By Natalie

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to plan a special long weekend getaway with your significant other. The great thing about Valentine’s Day is that it’s the only time you really get to escape your usual, busy schedules for a bit of time dedicated to nothing but your loved one. A trip is great because you don’t have to worry about buying gifts or doing the usual Valentine’s Day activities, which can get boring and predictable, perfect surroundings and your partner is all that is needed!


We have compiled a list of fun things to do and places for you to visit this Valentine’s Day with your significant other.


Caribbean Escape


St. Lucia

 Caribbean Escape- St. Lucia

For a warm and exotic getaway, St. Lucia is the perfect place to visit. It is known for being one of the most romantic islands to visit with its beautiful sunsets and beaches.


Wine Tasting


Napa Valley, California

 Wine Tasting- Napa Valley

Other than being famously known for its amazing wines, Napa Valley in California is also a very romantic place to visit. Many classic festivities are offered if you’re interested in messages, dinner and a breathtaking view of the rolling hills.


Bed and Breakfast


Abigail’s Bed & Breakfast

Victoria, BC, Canada

 Bed and Breakfast- Victoria BC

Couples who are looking for a more traditional, peaceful getaway, a cottage style bed and breakfast is always a good choice.


Hitting the Slopes


Blue Mountain Resort

Ontario, Canada

 Hitting the Slopes- Blue Mountain

For the athletic couple that enjoys being outdoors, skiing is a fun and creative way to spend your Valentine’s Day


Horseback Riding


Crystal Cove State Park

Laguna Beach, California


Crystal Cove State Park in California is another warm getaway, however, this is perfect for animal lovers. Horseback riding is a great way to spend time together without being in a crowded area. If you and your significant other enjoy nature and the relaxing outdoors, this is the perfect destination for you.