Scary Spring Cleaning ?

Scary Spring Cleaning ?

Spring 2015

by Harija R.

After a long winter season, the chirping of the birds in the beginning of April tends to waken the light within! The spring season is a great way for an individual to renew themselves. Spring cleaning can be therapeutic for some of us. However, it ain’t fun for the non OCD clan! so FashionWeekly has created a list of things that can be done easily by any on us- its fool proof!


  • Clean out your closets- lets face it we may not fit into that jean no matter how hard we diet0 its the wrong size! Donate my fellow friends. Lots of interesting tops and scarves that have either been worn down or never been touched- get rid of them- rule of thumb, if you won’t wear it this week or maximum this month its either got to be stored away or donated.
  • Organize you cabinets and drawers- yes that scary junk drawer too! Its got to go, trust me when I tell you as you throw away the garbage , piles of receipts, unused coupons or used up false eyelashes- you WILL feel better.
  • Clean out the fridge and this is something that is crucial. First you will realise how much space you actually have and secondly space to buy other treats for yourself.
  • Learn to recycle- its true someones trash IS someone’s treasure.
  • Freshen up the look around your house- new toss pillows, picture frames updated with latest pix- new accessories can really change the flare of them room and make one feel content!

These things are just simple steps that can physically, mentally and emotionally motivate you for a better environment for yourself!