Sears Holiday 2013 Media Preview

Sears Holiday 2013 Media Preview

Aug 2013

Mackenzie B.

Sears opened its doors to us at Fashion Weekly on July 4th to provide us with a sneak peek of its key collections for this year’s upcoming holiday season. These noteworthy collections incorporate alluring details such as glittering sequins, rich velvets, stunning lace, and jewel-toned accessories, reminiscent of the luxe renaissance and baroque eras, but with a fresh new twist.


            The Blackout collection features a mix of dresses, blouses, dress pants, jackets, and accessories. Staying true to its name these pieces are all black; however, they are far from your basic staples, what with the variety of texture that is found here. Cynthia Florek, Sears’ Brand and Trend Director for Women’s Wear, says, “Luxe velvets, metallic sheens, and feminine lace layered with black jewels give this trend its gothic glam. Mixing various patterns and textures of black adds depth and dimension.”



            Gold Rush combines brilliant gold with black to create fabulous looks for the evening. Florek tells us how to strike the perfect black and gold balance, “by introducing one gold toned item onto an all black palette, or [by introducing] gold through accessories. Accessories should be oversized and impactful, such as a large cocktail ring or a statement necklace.”


            What distinguishes Go for Baroque is the focus on textured fabrics, print and ornate detailing. Key pieces from the collection include the Nevada tapestry print pant, the Jessica jeweled cuff, and the Jessica Velvet Burnout scarf. Florek tells us to “look for styles created in flocked fabrics such as velvet, or pieces with tapestry-like prints.”


            Get Cozy stands out from the rest with its bright, playful colors and cozy knits. Cardigans, sweaters and accessories are found in fun hues like tangerine, citron, pink and cobalt blue. Florek suggests we keep an eye out for “color blocked circle scarves and gloves, as well as toques with multicolored pom-poms.”


            Needless to say, this preview of what is coming to Sears stores this winter has us eagerly anticipating the snow and twinkling lights of the upcoming holiday season.