Shop Green

Shop Green

April 2013


When walking the streets of Toronto, it is hard not to notice how many stylish people are incorporating eco-friendly trends into their wardrobes. As we continuously hear more and more about being respectful to our Earth through what we eat, how we recycle, and how we can reduce our carbon footprint, many young fashion enthusiasts are recreating a similar message through their spring looks. This season it’s all about transitional pieces that take any look from a warm sunny day to a chilly evening.



After speaking with many fashionable people on the street, one eco-trend that stood

out was wearing second-hand and vintage pieces. The idea of reduce. reuse, recycle

has never been so prominent in the fashion scene. Young style mavens are constantly

on the lookout for a hot “new” vintage piece as they scour the racks at famous

stores in Toronto like Black Market Vintage T-Shirts, 69 Vintage, Bungalow, and

House of Vintage. Even upscale retailers like Urban Outfitters are beginning to

embrace the new trend, as they’ve created a house brand, Urban Renewal. that reworks

vintage pieces into new and trendy looks each season.



Recycling clothing has never been so chic, so go ahead and raid your grandmother’s

closet, host a clothing swap with friends, and never give up until you find that

perfectly worn-in leather jacket from the Goodwill down the street. Dressing

eco-friendly has never been so easy, so embrace the trend and be a little easier on

Mother Earth, and your closet!