Sick of Your Gym- try a New One!

Sick of Your Gym- try a New One!

Sept 2013

Ashely D.

How is that New Year’s resolution working out?  How many times have you cheated on your diet and workout routine?  Let’s try and get motivated and keep with it!  There are a bunch of fitness studios around town waiting for you to join in on the action.  The same old gym scene just isn’t cutting it.  No more boring treadmill running.

 Every girl will say that a night out dancing with their friends counts as their cardio, but once you add alcohol to the mix you are ruining your “workout”.  There are not many of us out there that don’t love to hear music.  Any kind of music that you can sing loud to and move to is the ultimate.  Now try combining your love for music with a new love for dance that will give you a full body work out.  Working out is sometimes difficult to stay with when you are doing it all alone.  With dance classes, you will be with a group of people, mostly women, who want to get fit while having fun. 

            Freedom Fitness Studios in Toronto is a wonderful program.  They specialize in a Zumba style dance for their main workouts.  They also have specific classes for Zumba toning and Kangaroo Jump classes.   Freedom offers several classes throughout the week that will make your scheduling effortless.   These classes are only for women!   


            Another phenomenon that is getting everyone into shape is Spin classes.  If you need motivation and like a group workout then cycling is for you!  CYKL is Toronto’s first exclusively RealRyder indoor cycling studio.  CYKL offers daily group classes designed to get you ‘real fit, real fast’.  They have bikes that add a whole new range of motions, allowing you to turn, lean and steer like never before on a spinning bike.  It truly redefines the traditional spinning workout and it’s the closest thing to actually being on the road.  It is ideal for people scared of riding along side automobiles in the city. 


No matter what your fitness level or hectic lifestyle, there are fitness studios waiting to help you achieve your goals.  Only you can control the outcome.  Finally, being comfortable with yourself is the ultimate target. 


Freedom Fitness Studios

22 Islington Avenue



68 Bathurst Street