Skip The Plastic

Skip The Plastic

July 2013

Pamela Mermigas

Plastic is so pervasive, it is so difficult to avoid because it is everywhere. It is the gadgets in our homes, the packaging around our foods, and even the fibers in our clothes. It is basically the solution to everything because it is so durable and long lasting.


Plastic bags are between the top two items of debris found most often in coastal cleanups (Ocean Conservancy). Even though they do so much damage they are so hard to avoid because everyone has to lug those groceries home somehow. For starters, using reusable bags can really make the difference; many stores now such as Ikea and Metro offer reusable bags and they come in many different forms. Canvas, woven fiber, hemp, leather and you’ll even find some nylon bags that can be folded up to fit into your purse. Reusable bags are a great alternative as you can get them festooned to your liking and they can be used for just about everything. Another bonus in avoiding plastic bags is that you won’t have them accumulating in your cupboards!



            A surprising equivalent form of plastic that produces just as much damage to the planet are the products we use to scrub our bodies. Can you imagine that a common exfoliating ingredient that we use to polish our skin everyday is plastic! Most body scrubs purchased in your everyday stores contain polyethylene beads, which are consisted of the same synthetic ingredient used to make plastic bags. Now the worst part about the exfoliating beads are that they are so tiny that they roll down the drain and end up in the stomachs of marine life creatures. Now, you are probably thinking how will you ever achieve that squeaky clean skin again without harming the little creatures in the ocean. Little did you know that a simple DIY oatmeal scrub is a perfect alternative, as it has many beneficial effects on the skin such as relieving itchiness from insect bites and dry skin. Check out this simple recipe below, to create your very own healthy DIY oatmeal scrub.


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