Soothe those Eyes!

Soothe those Eyes!

Aug 2014

There are an infinite amount of eye creams out there with many sub categories such as cures for puffy eyes, anti agers, adding freshness, getting rid of dark circles and so on.

Fashion Weekly selected a few creams out there that stood out amongst others and the reasons are outlined:

La Prairie


Anti Aging Eye Cream and Sunscreen all in one, there is no hidden fact that the cost of La Prairie products is quite steep. However, the effects are worth it! Firstly having a built in SPF is comforting but the anti aging wonders are miraculous even though the usage of the product is required at bare minimum. It really is an ultimate eye care treatment with solid results in decreasing inflammation, tightening the skin and counterattacking every stage of gradual aging of the eyes delicate area.



Précision Rectifiance Intense Eye Retexturizing Line Correcting Eye Cream

Known as the fragrance free eye cream that battles the effects of aging successfully, one can’t go wrong with Chanel. It’s quality is reassured in its smooth application and long lasting results. It is still on the pricier side and the small sized pretty bottle promotes quality versus quantity but definitely a good purchase.


Bobbi Brown


Hydrating Eye Cream

This is a great professional make up line eye cream that is designed to go on and seep in quick without staying sticky or glossy so one can apply make up on right away. It is a popular pick with make up artists as it is minimizing fine lines while still allow you to apply eye make up.  Not as pricy as other eye creams but a great choice to use before going to work or out on a date.

Burt’s Bees


Radiance Eye Creme with Royal Jelly

FW selected this one because really it was a no brainer. It’s cost efficient, reduces fine lines, nourishes the skin and to top it off its all natural ! Burt’s Bees has products for all different age groups and their safety levels are quite high as some products are even for babies! That is why we trust this brand to deliver something soft, natural and light.