Soyaskin Signature “Longevity” Facial at The Nouvelle Maria Spa

Soyaskin Signature “Longevity” Facial at The Nouvelle Maria Spa

August 2013

Samantha Lawson

A day at the spa is a good day indeed. It was a pleasant visit to The Nouvelle Maria Spa, located at the Skyline King Edward Hotel on King Street West in Toronto, to test out their new Soyaskin Signature “Longevity” Facial. The spa and Soya Boutique have joined forces for the ultimate spa treatment. The Signature “Longevity” Facial (60-90 min – $90-$225) is a “purifying, rejuvenating and anti-oxidative treatment for the face and neck leaving skin feeling detoxified, lifted, smooth, clear and free of superficial lines.”



After spending a few minutes in their waiting room, complete with lemon water, soothing music and a big, soft robe, I was escorted to a private room for the 60-minute treatment. The lights were dimmed, the music played on and I laid down in full relaxation mode. The Facial began with the Repairing Serum, a unique product that reduces skin sensitivities caused by premature aging and environmental influences. It was gently massaged into both my face and neck and provided an instant soothing relief. A Vitamin C Serum, designed to boost and preserve the skin’s youthful glow, followed the Repairing Serum. The citrus smell filled the room and complimented the lavender smell of the first serum. As a final step in the facial, the Anti-Aging Moisturizer was placed on my neck and face and two slices of cucumber were placed over my eyes—a facial is not complete with them! I was left to let the moisturizer soak in, while I relaxed on the table, almost too much though as I nearly fell asleep! After a few minutes, I was cleaned up and escorted back into the waiting room for a lemon tea. I completed my stay with a short visit to the sauna and a long shower.


The entire experience was lovely—the staff, the treatment, the spa. Call to book your own appointment today—416-363-4333—you won’t regret a single minute!


If you’d like to check out the Soya Boutique products for yourself, they are available online at Enjoy!



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