Spring 2014 Jewelry Shoot

Spring 2014 Jewelry Shoot

Super Model Mommy to the Rescue

Chatting Away Life with Cybil Chowdhry

By: Christopher Mello

While she’s spent half her life on planes, this jet setting international super model, has grazed the magazine covers of Muse, Paperazzi, Hello! And strutted her stuff down the runways across the globe. Cybil Chowdhry born and raised in Pakistan started her modeling career later then most super models would have, at the age of 15. Chowdhry is living proof beauty comes from all regions of the world, without conforming to the idealistic standards of beauty- so cleverly portrayed in the North American culture, especially in the forms of exposure of the body.

The soon to be 30-year-old is a full time mommy to two boys and loving wife, with an extravagant lifestyle as a part time model- who passes on her knowledge and experience of the industry to any of those who are willing to learn and listen, hence her visit in teaching young models the ways to success, in the modeling industry. For a few days in January Cybil touched down in Toronto, where we at FW got the chance to shoot and have a one on one chat with her. Through this chat we learnt that if it had not been for the random experiment to try a portfolio, Cybil would have never been exposed into the fashion world, where she would have actually became a surgeon.

Charming and easy to work with, Cybil works the audience just as well as she works the camera, taking direction easily, keeping shoots enjoyable. Otherwise classified “never a dull moment”, when we listened to her story of how she got her tattoo in New York City.

A special thanks to the Toronto Fashion Academy  for arranging the meet and greet with Cybil!


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