Spring 2014 Makeup and Hairstyle Tips to a Natural look.

Spring 2014 Makeup and Hairstyle Tips to a Natural look.

March 2014

Christopher Mello

Barbie Goes el’Natural.

Doll me up like a Barbie; do my hair for a party, for “the bigger, the better”, the better I become. She’s no ordinary gal, that finds a need to plaster her face for the idealistic mans point of view, or for what the world claims she should portray herself as, she’s what we call a modern day woman. A person who is typically career driven and isn’t afraid to admit she wears the slightest bit of makeup, simply to liven up her look, bringing out her natural beauty and attention to certain features. Come each season, she changes her look, from a heavy bold painting for winter and fall to a fresh clean slate for spring and summer, hence why she becomes the modern woman, better yet classifying herself as a caterpillar, transforming in the metamorphose stage into different looks, like a butterfly.


For Spring 2014, we look for a refreshing sign of relief, giving us hope summer will come. So we introduce a naturalistic look, where foundation is very minimal, if not any, bringing the attention to the eyes, for a light smoky appeal, almost like a I just got out of bed look, but with a fashion twist. While if the smoky eye isn’t exactly your thing because you feel like it looks like you’ve been crying, then try the explosively vibrant lipstick. Continuing with the natural look for foundation, meaning no mascara, eyeliner, definition. Simply bring the attention to your lips with a bold colour like a ox blood red, tangerine orange, electric blue or dark purple.


Who could forget about hair? This season we inspire for a more natural woman, one who tends to reply on her natural beauty, meaning her hair isn’t something she always pays attention to. So we push fourth a messy French braid, not caring if little stragglers are out of place. And for the days you feel like getting dolled up to match those vibrant lips, why not pull off the princess crown braid? The princess crown braid is a braid wrapped around your head, almost like a tiara, or a messy braid to then wrap into a bun, again not caring so much about the loose stragglers.  


We love a natural woman who shows off her beauty in a form of not showing off or needing to always make a scene, that’s what the bold accents are for. So this season try being you, the real you exposing the natural soft t touch skin you have.