Spring 2014 & Men

Spring 2014 & Men

Fashion can’t forget about men anymore


By Christopher Mello


As the fashion industry begins to see a change, as to whom is truly spending the dollars in fashion, its quite clear that men are now becoming the lead targeted market when it comes to designer and luxury goods, rather then the classic women as the bull’s-eye for every season. So let the men, tis the season to the awakening of they’re new Spring 2014 fashion forward inspired closet, unveiling prints and patterns of the botany kind, transcending towards styling and detailing of the layering sort and colour theory dominating the world for men, while they throw in a whole explosion of pantone selected colours.



Print & Pattern

The Asian tropical floral, inspired pattern, in soft and florescent colours.



Styling & Detailing

Gothic multi-oversized layering




Chambre Ghostly White Silhouettes



Pantone Colour

Primary to Secondary Colour Match