Spring Car Cleaning

Spring Car Cleaning

March 2014

Lianne B.


            After a long and cold winter season, it is finally the time of year where we are getting ready for summertime.  With this preparation comes the long and massive but also rejuvenating spring cleaning.  Most of us will sort through our belongings and clean the house or apartment head to toe. Then later, when the weather is nice, we top it all off with cleaning our vehicles.  By the time you get to cleaning your vehicle, you are probably already exhausted from all of the cleaning you have already gotten done.  This step by step will make the whole process a little easier on you, and will hopefully make it more enjoyable.


  1. First off, if you’ve decided to clean your car on a sunny day, make sure that it isn’t parked in direct sunlight to prevent premature drying which will later prevent splotches.
  2. Second, make sure you’ve got all of the products that you’ll be needing and set them out somewhere near your car.  Organization always helps!
  3. To start the cleaning you’ll need to fill one bucket with water and car soap and a second bucket with only water.  Rinse the car down with a hose, and then start washing your car by section with the soapy water and a large sponge.  Use the plain water to rinse out the dirt from your sponge often. Rinse with the hose again, section by section, avoiding letting the soap dry by itself on the car.
  4. Use a long wheel brush to clean the gaps and openings of the wheels, and a plastic brush to clean the sidewalls of the tires.
  5. Keep the lower body of the car for last, since they are generally the dirtiest parts of the car.



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