Spring is Playful

Spring is Playful

March 2013

Spring time means feeling fresh, clean, airy, and light. Runway trends are show casing lovely lilacs, light lemons and dusty pinks. Inspired by those soft pastels is a fragrance collection ; My Little Chloés’ limited edition, three delightful mini fragrances that will charm you at first sight.


My Little Chloés are miniature variants of the Chloé, Love, Chloé and L’eau de Chloé fragrances. They reflect the elegance and refinement of the larger versions in 20ml flacons. Displayed on a small swing set in each store, they take you into a whimsical world of innocence, childhood and purity.
Looking at these tiny treasures, you cannot help but feel happy! An easy fit into any purse, perfect to keep in your glove compartment, a lovely trinket on your dressing table and great gift idea. A perfect choice for spring!

20ml: $48.00

Available at select Bay, Sephora and Murale stores across Canada.


Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked…Did they say naked? Well it’s not shocking to hear the words Madonna and Naked in the same sentence, making the twist on her new fragrance quite fitting. A provocative and daring scent, mixed with feminine vibes and a sensual aura, it adds mystery and a playful quality to your regular life.

50ml: $65.00

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked will be available in March 2013 at select retailers including Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale, Katz and Jean Coutu. All prices are suggested retail.

75ml Eau Rose sans bulles

Balenciaga’s latest fragrance from their lineage of scents has a rebellious and charged nature. L’eau Rose has a light pink colour in its classic shaped bottle- perfect to match the soft pastels of our spring trends. However, once layered on, it is anything but soft; surprising, spicy and electric- it’s really a treat. Violet, being its new key scent, is still feminine enough to be considered charming and girly but is appropriate for all age groups!

50ml: $98.00
75ml: $128.00