Staying Safe for Cheap: Tips for buying car insurance

By: Amanda Bloye, FW Writer

As any young adult knows, when taking your first steps into
the “real world” the onslaught of bills, deadlines and fees
can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, for some of us, the
desire to have the big kid toys overrides our common sense
for how much those things can cost. We need cars to get to
work, school and out with our friends but we are unaware of
how much of a financial burden that set of wheels can be.

Fortunately, FW is here to help. When it
comes to car insurance you don’t have to hand
over your life savings to be covered. Here are a
few tips to getting the coverage you need at a price
you can afford.

Starting Out.
When first considering the overall cost of
owning your own vehicle being able to afford
the car is only half the battle. Affording the
insurance is a whole another story. By staying
patient and doing your research you will be able
to distinguish the approximate range of what
you should be paying and ask educated questions
when gathering quotes.

Above and beyond.
When it comes to insurance few individuals
are aware of the amount of coverage they are
required to have by law. Likewise, they are
unaware of when they are paying for excess
coverage that is unnecessary. Before buying the
car or committing to a policy determine how
much coverage you are required to have by law.
By evaluating the types of necessary coverage
against the policies available, you can determine
the policy and coverage that’s right for you.

What isn’t covered?
As important it is to inquire about what
a policy includes, it is equally as crucial to
determine what is excluded from the policy. Ask
your provider to explain the entire policy so that
you truly understand before purchasing.

Be honest.
If you’re considering stretching the truth
on your application for a new policy, don’t. By
omitting any details, either intentionally or
unintentionally, you risk getting the wrong type of coverage and could end up paying more. Plus,
your insurance company and always check up
on both you and your driving/claims history so
save yourself the trouble and be honest from the

Review your rates.
A good habit to get into is a yearly review of
your insurance policy. Just like the circumstances
of life can change, so can your insurance. There’s
a good chance your agent won’t call you so take
a proactive approach. You could save your bank
account in the long run.

For more information visit www.insurancecanada.
ca or
insurance/articles/89618/article.html for a 10-step
guide to auto insurance.