StorybookGardens in London, ON

StorybookGardens in London, ON

This August we are thinking about the vacations we dream about, the vacations we could plan but have no time or money or resources….then we think of smaller getaways-the more realistic ones, where we can just breathe easy for two or three days, get recharged and not really burn a hole in the pocket.


Well local GTA Residents, FW highly recommends visiting London, ON. Sure its not where the Big Ben or London Bridge LONDON nor will we run into Kate and William but there are many other local attractions just as fun! GO CANADA! GO CANADA!

For starters, London isn’t very big so enjoy the small city charm! In downtown London, We suggest checking out Covent Garden Market they have a farmer’s market and lots of fun local retailers and merchandise.


You must check out the beautiful buildings and history on the University of Western Ontario’s campus Excellent backdrops for family pictures, education enthusiasts and of course it has that “old English” charm to mimic London UK!


Families with small kids will like Storybook Gardens. It is big enough to take up half your day, or enjoy a picnic with the family, but small enough to not walk out totally exhausted. FW recently visited the whimsical location and the Pirate’s ship was a big hit with the staff kids! There are lots of fun aspects like face painting and the Old McDonald farm that are a  must see! We would recommend pairing the outing with some snacks or even heading to a cool mall afterwards to enjoy the food court!