Strong is the New Skinny

Strong is the New Skinny

By Ashley D
March 2013

     Everybody wants to know the secret to health tricks that work fast!
How can we stay looking young and fit? FW thought we should interview
a holistic nutritionist to find out the real facts.  We asked Shelly
Purchase, a certified nutritional practitioner, what the typical myths
that people believe and use every day to stay healthy. 


 One of the number one rules in maintaining a healthy body is to drink lots of
water throughout the day. When given the option to take the escalator
or stairs, always take the stairs. Every bit of exercise that you can
fit into your day will benefit you in the long run. When practised
correctly, hot yoga is an amazing activity to practise in the
prevention of many health issues.


 Our skin is the biggest elimination organ we have, 
so sweating everyday helps us keep looking flawless.
She further explains that even though most people think cooking with
oils are the healthy, very little are aware that oil becomes trans fat
when heated, so butter is in fact the healthier version. However, oil
is still great to use drizzled on salads as opposed to pre-made
dressings. Health food stores carry far better choices than Shoppers
Drug Mart or Wal-Mart.  Yes, it may be more expensive, but you need
the best products if you want to be your best self.  

There are a
couple things to look for when shopping around: absorption rate, which
tells you how much of the food your body will absorb and other good
words like glycinate, citrate, oxide and malate are good words you
want to see. Carbonate is something that is not good for your body,
and shouldn’t be induced on a regular basis. Keeping busy during the
day with fun activities during your scheduled breaks means that you
will have an excellent nights sleep, which is also very important for
achieving a healthful lifestyle. Remember, healthy people are happy
people! If you want to make your body the best it can be, cautiously
be aware of what you put in your body every day because food sustains
our life.  Don’t fall for those hot-off-the-market-celebrity-crash
diets, do the latest life style change and stay strong.