StumbleUpon: The Easiest Way to Get Lost on the Internet

StumbleUpon: The Easiest Way to Get Lost on the Internet

March 2013



StumbleUpon is one of the Internet’s most popular discovery engines that allows its users to get lost in a world of websites that may never have been found. Created in 2001, the website has tapped into the idea of users visiting websites otherwise unknown, that relate to their interests, hobbies, and passions. Upon signing up for the free website, a new user is prompted to select from a large selection of categories ranging from art to nutrition, economics to rock music, cats to conspiracies. After your selections have been made, you can start stumbling! Immerse yourself in websites that are all about your favourite things. If you find something you really like, “Like It!” – or if you aren’t into a page, just click “Stumble!” and you’ll be redirected to something brand new.

While the idea of spending time being directed to random websites may at first seem trivial and a waste of time, StumbleUpon may be one of the most addicting websites ever created. Since you’re constantly “stumbling upon” random websites, your interests are constantly being peaked, as you continually click to learn more, see more, and experience more of the things you know you already love. Bookmarking your favourite stumbles allows you to go back and share pages with friends, write down the recipe that you can’t wait to bake, or show that hilarious video to coworkers tomorrow morning. StumbleUpon has created a website that allows its users to be perpetually intrigued as minutes become hours and pages visited creep to the thousands. Now I can’t think of any better way to spend your coffee breaks and late nights home alone on the web, can you?