Summer Reads

Summer Reads

July 2014

Zoya S.

Summer has arrived and whether you’ll be spending your days unwinding under the sun in an exotic land or catching up on some beauty sleep, nothing does summer quite like a gripping read.  From science fiction to chick lit, Fashion Weekly has the exclusive on what to read, where to read it and why to read it.


Fashionably Old Fashioned: Nothing like a classic novel to transport you into another world and it is safe to say no one does classics like Jane Austen. Curl up in bed with the author’s first published work, ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and immerse yourself in the Dashwood families’ tales of olden courtship, youthful romance and a whirlwind of family drama. A story of a mother and her three girls, this riches to rags tales encompasses moments of despair but moments of elation too; a novel that allows us to compare modern day change to the 1800s but also provides an insight into social etiquette that prevails to this day.

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Real Talk: Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes this summer, or in this case, boots. Prison boots. Delve into the life of Piper Kerman, on your flight back home, in her 2013 memoir ‘Orange is the New Black: My Time in Womens Prison’, a modern recollection of the girl next door imprisoned for a crime committed over a decade ago. Not only does the memoir plunge into an unfamiliar world but chronicles moments of companionship and support yet Kerman’s tale doesn’t miss out on relaying times of hostility, animosity and betrayal.


Chick Lit Please: Dig your toes in to textured sands and let your fingers flip the pages of Emma Garcia’s ‘Never Google Heartbreak’, a romantic comedic novel that belongs in your beach bag as the sun glistens and the cocktails flow. In a world where Google has all the answers, Garcia tells a story of Vivienne chasing an unattainable love, mending her heartache and coming face to face with unexpected realities. Written with sheer wit, Vivienne’s down to earth personality connects with the reader in more ways than imaginable, leaving you grinning from ear to ear.


Fantasy Land: Nothing adds a little color to your daily commute than a post-modern time travelling tale set in the year 2060 that bounces between one of the most deliberated historical incidents of time: World War II. ‘Black Out’ by Connie Willis narrates a fearfully enthralling tale of Oxford University’s class of 2060 imprisoned in the year 1943, fearing that their actions are reshaping the past in a much heavier magnitude than they had intended. Leaving the tale unfinished, Willis continues her dystopian story in sequel ‘All Clear’. The thrilling narratives not only provide insight into a lifelike futuristic world but also allow the reader to step inside into a century old memoir of belligerent England.


Globe Trotting from Home: The wishful thinker within all of us has a life changing voyage concocted in the back of our minds for that one day when all our cards are in the right place, but until then we quench our longing with someone else’s account of their time in an unusual land. In this case, Freya Stark’s ‘A Winter in Arabia’ simply has all the right ingredients to fill our travel appetites. A gripping tale of the first foreign woman to travel through Yemen, a nation hardly visited by foreign men, Stark paints of a picture of the rare rituals and traditions of the inhabitants in a beautiful manner. Though her exposition is triumphant, she recalls times of austerity, disease and forced aid which brings you to tears sometimes with joy and sometimes with sorrow