Summer Workout

Summer Workout

By Dina El Hallak

• Start with a jumping jack

Burpee 1

• Bend over and grab on to the sides of the chair , keeping your back straight

Burpee 2

• Jump backwards keeping your body in a straight position with feet hip length apart

Burpee 3

• Jump frontwards returning feet to initial position

Burpee 4

• For a challenge end your burpee with a tuck jump.

2. C Crunch
• Get into crunch position with hands cupping the back of your ears (make sure not to pull you neck forward) while hovering your feet slightly above the bench.

C Crunch 1

• Ensure that your back is completely flat

C Crunch 2

• Crunch upward, bringing your elbows to your knees.

3. Cardio
• Begin with one of your feet firmly placed at the edge of the chair keeping the other leg straight.

Cardio 1

• In a swift-jumping motion, swap feet

Cardio 2

4.Descending pushup

• Get into standard pushup position placing feet on bench and hands on the ground.

Descending pushup 1

• Place hands slightly out of the shoulder width.

Descending pushup 2

• Make sure your bottom is not sticking upward. Try to align your body.

• Descend chest , sticking elbows outwards until your chest is aligned with elbows.

5. Elevated Leg raise

• Place one of your legs on the chair and straighten the other into the air.
Elevated leg raise 1JPG

• Keep shoulders against floor and back straight.

Elevated leg raise 2

• Push hips upwards using the foot rested on the chair as support keeping the elevated leg straight.
• Make sure to alternate legs.

6. Lunge

• Place your foot on chair and other foot flat on the floor making a 90 degree angle with your supporting leg.


• Make sure than you knee is aligned with you ankle and does not surpass your toes as you descend into the lunge
• Place hands on hips as you go up and down.

7. Squat jump

• Start with feet placed right below the hips with knees slightly bent and hold your hands together infront of your chest

Squat jump 1

• Bend knees deeper to give yourself momentum for the jump
• Land on bench with soft, bent knees

Squat jump 2

• Jump back to initial squat position with control

Squat jump 3

8. Setup kick backs

• Begin with one foot on the chair making a 90 degree angle and keep your hands straight infront of your chest
Stepup kick backs 1

• Step up on the chair extending the back leg as high as possible keeping it as straight as you can.
• Descend back to original position.

Stepup kick backs 2

• Alternate legs.

9. Tricep Dips

• Stand giving your back to the chair and grab the sides of it keeping your back straight and you legs in a 90 degree angle

Tricep dips 1

• Drop hips while using your arms as support until elbows reach shoulder level pushing elbows backwards and not outwards.

Tricep dips 2
• For a challenge, try moving your legs further from the chair.

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