The 2008 Cadbury Chocolate Couture Collection Fashion Show: A World of Chocolate

By: Gemma Gadher, FW Writer

Ladies, we have to admit that no matter
how far we’ve come, and no matter how
successful we may be, we can’t deny two
things in life that never cease to make us melt:
chocolate and fashion. The 2008 Cadbury
Chocolate Couture Collection Fashion Show:
“A World of Chocolate” combined both
fashion and chocolate into a fantasy for woman
everywhere. Ten of Canada’s top fashion
designers were inspired by countries around the
world that share a passion for chocolate and the
result was a sinfully delicious treat for all five

The evening started off with cocktails- done
of course in true chocolate lovers style with
chocolate fountains, and my favourite addition:
the chocolate martini. There were also two
exciting special guest performers for the
night, Simone Denny (singer of “Superstar”),
and the legendary Measha Bruggergosman.
Both performers truly outdid themselves and
the audience really loved their diva-licous

The show started out with Farley Chatto’s
“Milky Stardust” Glam Rocker, who was supposed to be reminiscent of David Bowie in
true London style. First, let me just say that
this particular model was a favourite for all
the ladies (and some men) in the crowd! The
cage jean jacket was a hit, made with strips
of chocolate, boned leather, and Swarovski
crystals. Next was Andrew Majteni’s Celtic
Coquette. The most notable piece to this outfit
was the dark chocolate tartan on her stockings.
Third was Euginias Designs’ “El Toreador”
who came out with a suit fully airbrushed in
chocolate and her bolero was made up of a
variety of chocolate balls, beads and buttons.
Next up was “The Maharaja of Cadbury” by
Hoax Couture Studio. Hundreds of milk and
dark chocolate disks patterned the Maharaja’s
regal Cadbury-purple coat. The “Tai
Temptress” by Greta Constantine was a crowd
favourite with her animated movements and six
meters of pure dark chocolate beadwork.

The second half of the show started with
Izzy Camilleri’s African Queen. Camilleri has
dressed celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and
Angelina Jolie. The model gracefully carried a
basket filled with chocolate on her head and all
of her jewelry was chocolate dipped. She was
followed by the “Harajuku Girl” by Damzels
in this Dress whose frilly frock was airbrushed
in chocolate and adorned with star shaped
chocolate buttons. Philip Sparks created another
favourite with his Courier de Bois/Northern
Trapper. This model was wearing a plaid
jacket patterned with various tones of Cadbury chocolate and fur accessories made of chocolate
spun like candy floss. The Sidney Diva by
Lilliput Hats raised a few eyebrows by strutting
the runway in a scantily clad bikini wearing a
Sydney Opera House hat made, of course, of
solid chocolate. The showstopper of the night
however, had to be the final piece: Floribunda
by Ines Di Santo. What girl wouldn’t want to
see a gorgeous wedding gown made of chocolate
and an edible bouquet to boot?

This year marked the 4th annual event of
this kind for Cadbury and the whole show was
very much enjoyed by all. It has clearly come a
long way from the start and has a lot to live up
in the years to come.