The Best DIY sites of 2013

The Best DIY sites of 2013

October 2013

By Kyla Nobrega


It can take about ten minutes to blow your 12-hour shift’s earnings. Although shopping is a fabulous pastime and is heavily encouraged in my opinion, it can also be very costly and harsh on your wallet.


By the good graces of the internet and the invention of Pinterest, the DIY scene is at its all-time high. If you’re in the need for a cute new accessory or a vintage-inspired piece to put on your mantle, these sites will help you discover how to become your own artist and manufacturer at home, by yourself or with a friend. defines themselves as a site that encourages their users to

“explore, document and share” DIY projects. The limitless projects are inspiring and

easy to learn. Upon entering the website, you simply type in what you’re interested

in creating and the site guides its guests to find DIY projects that correspond with

what they’re interested in creating.

 instructables_lg1 is a website that posts daily DIY projects that are perfect for families. The contemporary site is easy to navigate and is so inspiring for vibrant and fresh home décor.

 1-handmade-charlotte is a DIY site that focuses on accessories. These intricate, gorgeous and up-to-date fashion trends that Swellmayde recreates are extremely affordable and allows its audience to become their own designers.


When you’re on a budget, it is far more cost-effective and inspiring to be creative and create your own masterpieces, be it accessories or at-home décor. Roll up your sleeves and surprise yourself with a new-found talent!