The City Compost Guide

The City Compost Guide

Feb 2013

Casey Jane Tuninga



Living in a big city, especially downtown, means small balconies, paved lawns and little room to make a personal green space. With our landfills becoming vast and filled, we as city residence have to be more conscious on how we waste and reuse. Recycling and composting is a great way to lend a hand to our environment. Composting not only helps with waste management but it can give amazing results to your surrounding greenery, garden, and reducing the stress on landfills.

A compost is a wooden container, varying from small to large, that will hold anything that is biodegradable and can be broken down over along period of time. Half of it must also be mixed with natural substances such as dead leaves, old soil, and grass clippings in order to help breakdown the food portions you will be filling it with. Your compost should not smell if mixed properly, make sure you are adding moisture to your compost as that will help break down larger matter. Building a compost can be easy, it’s a large rectangular box that has spaces for air to pass through it, however it’s not so big that matter will fall out and animals can get in. You can ask your local hardware store what the best wood option is for your space and how big you should make it. YouTube has some great tutorials on building a compost from upside down garbage bin, chicken wire, wood posts, storage bins, and even old milk jugs for small condo balconies.


The EPA ( Environment Protection Agency) has a great step by step tutorial on how to build and maintain your compost. Live in a condo? It has a tutorial on how to construct a safe and smell free compost within your home so you can feel good about lessening your carbon footprint and helping our Earth. Composting also gives you a great fertilizer for your herb garden, flower beds, lawn, and if you put a small bit of compost in a spray bottle and add water you’ve got the perfect mixture to spray sick plants, helping them achieve a vitamin boost.

We all need to do our part to help make our inner cities clean and green, composting helps reduce green gasses, landfills, and our carbon footprint. Online there are a number of resources to guide you to the best option for your living space.